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Have a whale of a time with these fin-tastic reads about our Blue Planet
Our mission is to inspire conservation of our Blue Planet so that young readers will grow up to experience its staggering diversity and awe-inspiring wonders for many generations to come. Our children’s books tell the tales of life in the Big Blue to educate, inspire and empower little readers to explore, love and protect our natural world.

Copy of Goodnight cover_with text.png

Goodnight, Baby Ocean Animals 


Singapore Book Awards 2022 Finalist for the Best Picture Book!

Buy the book now with shipping worldwide!

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A tale about Penguins, Climate Change and Antartica 

Coming late 2022!

Where Will You Wonder cover.jpg

Where Will You Wander

Buy the book now with shipping worldwide! 

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A tale about the high seas and all its wonders 

Coming late 2022!

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