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Whale hello there, we would like you to meet…. 

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Baby Whale Sharks
are known as pups. They have never been seen in the wild and scientists do not know where they are born and where they grow up. 
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Baby Albatrosses
have the largest wings in the sky! This allows them to fly above the ocean and soar high.
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Baby Penguins
stick together to stay warm. They are the best dancers on the ice floor. 
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Baby Sea Otters
have furry coats. This helps them swim long distances in the cold water. 
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Baby Sea Turtles
are masters at navigating the sea. After hatching, they travel thousands of miles away, but return as adults to the same beach to lay eggs!
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Baby Coral 
are the most colourful animals in the sea. They shine like rainbows in the shallow seas. 
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Baby Polar Bears
have large furry feat. This allows them to walk on the snow and swim in the sea. 
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Baby Orcas
are the best singers in the sea. They sing magical songs underwater!
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