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Heading 2

About The Authors

Drs Fiona Ocean Simmance and Alison Sky Simmance are twin sisters, mothers and ocean conservationists. They have worked around the world to protect life in our Blue Planet; from the fire-fly lit shores of Madagascar to the icy seas of the Arctic Circle.


Their mission is to inspire conservation of our Blue Planet so that young readers will grow up to experience its staggering diversity and awe-inspiring wonders for many generations to come. Their children’s books tell the tales of life in the Big Blue to educate, inspire and empower little readers to explore, love and protect our natural world.


They grew up in London, UK and spent their summers exploring the Jurassic Coastline in the South of England and the rugged Atlantic coastline in Northern Ireland. After living in and travelling across almost every continent of our Blue Planet, they are now based in the tropical east coast of Singapore. Working for international conservation organisations, they spend their spare time with their families by the ocean and writing new books.

About the Illustrator


Thejal Mathura

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